Meditation by the Sea


This human experience is filled with awe inspiring beauty, as well as incredible pain, and learning how to be present and connected to ourselves and others amidst the infinite ebb and flow of experience is a true journey.

The good news is that it IS possible!

I believe that we each hold the wisdom it takes to liberate ourselves from damaging habits and patterns, and my work centers on helping to evoke people's own desires and reasons for change.

I come to this work through the necessity of my own healing. As a trained Recovery Coach first and now a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I have a wealth of lived experience informed by my own healing journey from Substance Use Disorder. However, what worked for me in my recovery, may not work for you, as recovery is an intensely personal process with no inherently "right" or "wrong" methods, only those that either do or do not work for any particular individual at any particular point in time. We can explore together what feels authentic to you, in your recovery.

My perspective on recovery is informed by people like William White, who is one of this country's foremost recovery researchers, as well as the tenets of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement. Like White, I believe that there are many pathways up the mountain of recovery and we each need to take the journey ourselves to discover what works for us!

Stigma plays a huge part in healing from addiction of any kind, as shame is what keeps us sick. I use many different methods to explore with people what influence shame and stigma have in their lives and work to shine a light on the ways our society and the healthcare/ healing industry perpetuate the patriarchal and colonized standpoint of the “power over” model, instead of the “shoulder to shoulder” model.

I bring training in Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems, multiple methods of Mindfulness Meditation, and much more to my work and am constantly expanding my skillset to better serve those who I have the great honor of supporting. 

Beyond this, my three children are my greatest teachers and being a mother my greatest joy!

If you would like to read more about my personal recovery story, check out the links under the resources tab! 

Wishing you bright a beautiful blessings on your path <3