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Meditation by the Sea

My Bio

This human experience is filled with awe inspiring beauty, as well as incredible pain, and learning how to be present and connected to ourselves and others amidst the ever unfolding ebb and flow of experience is a true journey.

The good news is that it IS possible!

I believe that we each hold the wisdom it takes to liberate ourselves from damaging habits and patterns, and my work centers on helping to facilitate my clients’ connection to their own inner knowing, as well as evoking their own desires and reasons for change.

I come to this work through the necessity of my own healing. In addition to my professional training, I have a wealth of lived experience garnered through navigating my own healing journey from chaotic and problematic substance use, as well as significant trauma. However, my healing journey may look different than yours, as recovery and healing are intensely personal processes with no inherently "right" or "wrong" methods- only those that either do or do not work for any particular individual at any particular point in time. 

My perspective on healing is in alignment with the non-pathologizing view of Internal Family Systems, which sees all "mental illness" fundamentally as an expression of wellness, in that all symptoms are a manifestation of the human psyche doing its best to protect itself from pain and to maintain homeostasis. These adaptations always make sense when viewed within the context of our lives. 

Stigma can impact the healing process related to mental health, as frequently cultures and societies have many burdens that effect the way people who experience mental imbalances are perceived. We can explore together what influence shame and stigma may have in your life, and potentially shine a light on the ways societies and the healthcare/ healing industry may perpetuate the patriarchal and colonial standpoint of the “power over” model, instead of the “shoulder to shoulder” model based in authentic connection and radical acceptance.​


We all deserve to be seen, supported and met with compassion, regardless of what our struggles may be.

I honor the path that you are on, trust in your inherent wisdom and wholeness and look forward to supporting you in a meaningful process of transformation and change informed by your own inner knowing.


​Wishing you bright and beautiful blessings on your path <3

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